Injured Worker Assistance

SmartComp as an internal part of your Employers Workers’ Compensation program is hired directly by the Employer to help educate and assist the injured employee in the following areas:

  • Assistance in receiving Quality Medical Treatment
  • Assistance in resolving Medical Treatment delays
  • Assistance in receiving timely Disability Benefits
  • Assistance in communicating with the Employer
  • Assistance in communicating with the Doctor
  • Assistance in Returning to Work
  • Assistance in communicating with the Insurance Company
  • Assistance in understanding the Workers’ Compensation System and your Rights and Benefits
  • Assistance in understanding Settlement Options
  • Assistance in understanding the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board Judge MUST approve all settlements. The Judge has a primary responsibility to protect the injured employee from any and all unfair settlements

In order to monitor all of the above, SmartComp as an authorized representative of the employer will be in direct contact with the injured employee, employer, doctor and insurance company. This face to face and telephonic contact with the injured employee significantly improves outcomes reducing the overall length of recovery. We pride ourselves in being the only Workers’ Compensation Employee Assistance Company that is On-Site, On-Time and On-Target. This service is provided at NO COST to the injured employee.

SmartComp is an expert in the Workers’ Compensation Employee Benefits field and will take an active role ensuring the injured employee receives the benefits to which they are entitled. Remember these services are designed to protect the truly injured employee and if you have any problems regarding your Workers’ Compensation Benefits or question about qualifying for benefits, we are available to assist you.

Please remember, their services are FREE to the Employees! ! !.